Understanding the Digital Business Landscape of:
Cardiff / Caerdydd

Fig 1: Cardiff’s rankings based on the average performance of its SMEs against three key metrics: Digital Maturity, Innovation and ESG posture

Cardiff / Caerdydd
Digital Maturity4
Overall Rank1

An overview of the Unitary Authority:

Human population: 366,903
Business population: 23,259
Sample size: 953
Percentage SMEs in Unitary Authority (UA): 17.849%
Percentage SMEs in UA Sample: 16.394%

See, “how we built our sample” for more detail

Innovation and ESG

(Compared to the National Average)

SMEs’ Innovation scores in Cardiff have increased since 2016, and are generally higher than the national average; likewise, ESG scores have slightly increased and are currently a little above the national average. 


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Digital Maturity

(Compared to the National Average)

The Digital Maturity of businesses in Cardiff increases sharply during the Covid-19 pandemic, and remains above the national average at the beginning of 2023. 

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Welsh Language

(Compared to other Unitary Authorities)

Welsh language is detected on 3.10% of SME websites in Cardiff, which represents 20.14% of all websites in the sample where Welsh language is detected, higher than all neighbouring UAs.

Understanding Digital Growth across South East Wales

(Comparing its Unitary Authorities and Regional Average)

The Digital Growth of businesses in Cardiff increases sharply during the Covid-19 pandemic, and like others in the Region sees a notable uptick at the end of 2022, and remains well above the regional average.

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